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Wellert Corporation

Wellert Corporation was established in July, 1980. It is a full-service, professional organization of civil, geotechnical, foundation, structural engineers and land surveyors. We provide engineering, permitting and surveying services for clients involving industrial, commercial and public-works projects throughout Ohio. Wellert Corporation is authorized to perform engineering and surveying services by the Ohio State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers & Surveyors.

Wellert Corporation personnel are experts in site development design, subsurface soils and rock investigations, water impoundment and earth embankment design, stormwater runoff control, flood plain analyses, water supply systems, wastewater treatment systems, all facets of foundation and structural engineering, and land and hydrographic surveying. We have provided engineering and surveying services for the construction of buildings, public utilities, roads, bridges, towers, residential and industrial subdivisions, electrical substations, marinas, breakwalls, lakes, dams, and solid waste disposal sites.

STAFF AND EQUIPMENT Wellert Corporation has experienced a continual, controlled growth since its inception in 1980. We have on staff qualified, experienced, professional engineers, technicians and registered surveyors. Our personnel have completed the OSHA 40-Hour Hazardous Materials Training Course and annual 8-hour refresher courses. Continuing education courses and professional conferences are attended by members of our staff on a regular basis to assure that we stay well informed of current developments in the engineering and surveying professions.

All full-time employees are provided with a complete, modern, net-worked computer work station. We own and operate color laser printers, scanners, and ink jet plotters. We own and operate software for computer assisted design and drafting (AUTOCAD, Release 14), civil, geotechnical, hydraulic and structural engineering, COGO surveying, and word processing. We continually update our computer hardware and software to assure that we remain on the cutting edge of technology. We are capable of fielding three, three-man survey crews. Each crew is equipped with four-wheel drive vehicles, fm radios, mobile phones and electronic total stations with electronic data collectors. We also own and operate a dual-frequency global positioning system (GPS) which is used on a regular basis.

SUMMARY Our staff is experienced in governmental agency negotiations. We maintain a good working relationship with governmental offices that have authority within the realm of our expertise. Wellert Corporation is dedicated to providing efficient, professional consulting services with reliability and integrity. We take pride in our work, and we stand behind our product. Some of the specialized engineering and surveying services that we have performed and a partial listing of our clients are shown on the following two pages.

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